Snowpiercer (Bong Joon-ho, 2013)

All hail the train!

There's nothing new or interesting about dystopian, apocalyptic futures, be they Snowball Earths or otherwise. Suppressed lower classes rioting against a perverted bourgeoisie that devours what few resources left - dime a dozen. The fascinating, if heightened-suspension-of-disbelief-demanding thing Snowpiercer does to make it fresh is monumentally decreasing the scale of the event. What happens when a civil uprising takes place on a single train holding all of humanity, brought back to perhaps a few hundred?

Murder on the Orient Express (Philip Martin, 2010)

A hardliner on justice who likes his breakfast eggs exactly the same size, merci

This is perhaps Agatha Christie’s most famous story, starring the quirky Belgian detective Poirot. He is in my opinion a more interesting character than other sleuths. Holmes, Columbo, let alone the modern teams of crime scene investigators – none can hold a candle to Poirot with his iconic wax mustachio.