Chappie (Neill Blomkamp, 2015)

Tonight in Robot News

There's a genuine sense of dread surrounding the modern day development of robots. Every new wave of Big Dogs, Petmans and intelligent drones is met, online, with the sort of careless whimsy that only barely hides a pessimistic world view: that the enslavement and/or destruction of the human race at the hands of our own creations is quite inevitable. That Terminator future is in the realm of possibilities and might not be far off – and that's pretty existentially scary.

Push (Paul McGuigan, 2009)

Cute little girl, psychic, in Hong Kong

There is that moment when you start watching Push, that you realize how much its premise seems to resemble Jumper. “Oh no,” you startle, “this can’t be.” But here are people with extraordinary powers, on the run from a government trying to weaponize them – lead by a black killer. “Not another borefest starring an unlikeable brat!” you say. But then it kind of turns out a lot better.